Thursday, 30 November 2017 13:16

Matching unused instruments with music students Featured

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BANGOR - It's hard to imagine a world without music.

Thanks to the "Gifts of Music" program, students throughout the region are being matched with instruments they otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. The program takes used instruments, refurbishes them and then matches them with a student.


They know budgets are tight and also about the importance of having a musical education.


Organizer Danielle Berube said "And we also have another program where we do scholarships. So in the summer, students want to continue their education, but school is closed. So there are summer camps all over the state and we offer scholarships to students for these programs."


If you have an old violin, flute or other instrument you're not using, the folks with the Gifts of Music hope you'll consider donating it. They also gather cash donations for the scholarships.


You can learn more or donate by visiting the Gifts of Music Facebook page or