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Wednesday, 03 January 2018 16:51

New heating technology Featured

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HOLDEN - With all the brutal cold weather we've been having everyone is looking for ways to stay warm.

A new technology is providing some companies heat to spare.


Chief technical officer Jim LaBrecque said "These compressors are putting out the energy equivalent of 2 gallons of oil an hour."


Big businesses are normally hard to heat, but one store owner says that they are able to retain 100% of that heat. New technology is making it possible.


Stompers wine and beverage owner David Hawes said "We're not wasting any heat outside so I'm utilizing 100% of the heat that I'm producing with my refrigeration."


Hawes says he is seeing a difference in savings.


"We've tried to calculate it out its approximately saving me between four and five hundred dollars on heating oil."


Hawes says businesses with refrigeration compressors would be able to utilize this system as well.


"Homeowners it's no good for but businesses that have refrigeration."


This system can also do the opposite in the summer months.


"When we don't need the heat we will direct the heat outside which most stores do twelve months a year but for seven or eight months a year we're going to utilize the heat" said Hawes.


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