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Tuesday, 02 January 2018 16:49

Woman gives birth to baby in pick up truck Featured

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BANGOR - What better way to ring in the new year than giving birth?

Well one baby just couldn't wait to celebrate his life so he decided to come out in moms pick up truck in the parking lot of Eastern Maine Medical Center.


New years day started off like a regular day for Jennifer Sicard-Flood and then...


"Come 10:30 the contractions started and jumped in the truck and by 11:30 I was here and the baby had come."


She says she was very nervous because she has never experienced having a baby so fast. She said she had long deliveries with her other two kids.


"The contractions just got stronger and stronger and by the time I got here he just came out" said Sicard-Flood.


"It took one hour for my whole labor and delivery" said Sicard-Flood.


She was at the door in front of the hospital in her pick up truck when baby Lucas decided to make his debut.


"He was actually quiet because he had some liquid in his mouth and stuff and we were padding his back to try and get him to cough it up and then he started to cry a little bit" said Sicard-Flood.


Rescue one and engine five were on scene along with nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center to help the mother and baby.


Firefighter Andrew Emery said "We found mom with her baby in the pick up with a couple of people from the hospital there helping the baby get dried off and stuff. We get there suctioned the baby."


He said keeping the baby and mother warm was a priority.


"Kept the baby warm was the big thing temps were right around zero so keeping everything warm was key, and giving the baby a little bit of oxygen just to pink him up. He was a little blueish which is kind of normal in child birth especially in pre-hospital setting you don't have all the tools to open up the airway suction and such, but he was breathing taking some breaths" said Emery.


He says crews do assist with quite a few deliveries so this isn't uncommon. The baby is healthy weighing in at 7lb 1 ounce and as far as how moms doing...


"I feel very good."


Shonna Narine

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