YMCA Biggest Mover Challenge 8-wk program

Date: Mon. 22 Jan, 2018 7:00 am - 8:00 am
Duration: 1 Hour

Happy 2018! I hope you had fun ringing in the New Year! And speaking of the New Year, the Bangor Region YMCA is getting ready to kick off our Biggest Mover Challenge program to help people who want to lose weight, lose the inches, implement healthy habits into their daily routine, increase strength, and really improve their overall health! This 8-week program begins January 22nd and registration ends THIS Sunday, January 7th!


Participants will be put into groups and train twice a week with a certified personal trainer for 8 weeks, but that’s not all. The purpose of putting them into groups is to create a buddy system, helping them keep each other accountable while creating a supportive environment that will continue to motivate them throughout the program. There is a weigh-in at the end of each week and weekly winners are announced, but in our program, it’s not just about the pounds. Our program also incorporate a point system and weekly challenges that encourages participants to workout on their non-training days, eat healthier, sleep more, and really help them take care of their overall wellness. The Biggest Mover Challenge isn’t just another weight loss program, but really a program to help people improve their overall wellness. We have had participants lose 20lbs or more through this program! And have seen people really continue with their healthy habits after the program ends, instead of reverting back to their old unhealthy habits.


YouTube link to a video of one of our past Biggest Mover participants who saw a huge change in her health when she participated in the program: youtu.be/81lXyyq_BIU


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