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John Bapst boys tennis sophomore harnesses championship ping pong past on court

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BANGOR - Jason Wei humbly kept his accomplishment to himself for almost his first year at John Bapst.

John Bapst head tennis coach Jason Hoyt was told that Wei had no tennis experience when he first joined the team as a freshman. As Wei began to lock in on early forehand and backhand lessons, Hoyt inquired as to the reason for the innate skill.


Only then did Wei confess that he was a first class ping pong player in his hometown of Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and a citywide champion at age 14.


This humble confession is in line with the emotionless focus Wei displays in his matches for Bapst, where he has earned the number two singles spot as a sophomore.

Wei competed against the number one singles player in eastern Maine in the opening round of the individual preliminary tournament, but Wei says the pressure is not remotely comparable to the pressure he felt in his ping pong tournaments.


Hoyt says the sophomore is eager to learn and tough to get off the courts during practice, and Hoyt says he expects Wei to make great strides going into his junior season.

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