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MCI, Nokomis combine for the schools' first girls lacrosse team

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PITTSFIELD - The newest team in central Maine is practicing double time every day to get up to snuff with the rest of the state.

"Everyday we focus on what we can do, we can work hard, we can be positive and we can try our best," said head coach Mary Alice Gould.

Gould and the girls of Mid Maine Lacrosse have been building an interest in the sport for years but this year they've built up to their first varsity season; almost a half decade in the making.

"It's hard to find to people as dedicated to go from a club to a varsity and still stick with it through the whole way," said junior Mallory Whitley.

MCI and Nokomis officially formed a co-op girls lacrosse club team two years ago, bringing new eyes to the sport and new players to the team; "the fact that there wasnt as many people that are very experienced so I figured when I first began I wouldn't be the only newcomer so I'd be able to grow with the rest of my team," said Whitley.

With the varsity recognition, comes the respect the girls have been looking for since they started playing, "we couldn't earn anything from it, but now that we can earn something from it and get recognized for it, I think people actually think of us as a real sport now," junior Meagan Whitten.

The team is still overcoming hurdles after they started the team. MCI only has one set of lacrosse goals to share between the boys and girls teams and the girls have to wait until the boys practice is over to use them.

They have yet to win a game in their inaugural season, but they are looking to the future. The goal going forward is to foster growth and interest in the sport they've come to appreciate, "the depth of our program is still young but we know that with hard work and determination, focus and an amazing attitude we're going to be a force to be reckoned with in the not too distant future," said Gould.

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