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Delaite continues to grow game with move to reliever role

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ORONO - Trevor Delaite had to strike out his misperceptions of the game before he get back to striking out batters on the mound.

"In my own mind I was thinking hitters were better than they were and they're really not, hitters are really good, but thirty percent of the time they get hits and seventy percent of the time they get out"

Delaite came to Maine his freshman year touted as the best in the state, but the numbers he put up his first two years in Orono didn't back that up.

"His appearances were basically reflective of a reliever. He'd come out, get through a lineup very well, no problems, then the second or third time around he'd start to fatigue a little bit," said head coach Nick Derba.

Considering he looked like a reliever, the coaching staff moved him there and it's paid dividends; his ERA has dropped from 8.16 last season, to 3.15 through twenty innings this season.

"You can come right out of the bullpen and attack with your best pitches and I think it's probably the biggest thing that's changed since being a starter," said Delaite.

One of the best pitches this season for the junior, his slider, is new to the repertoire; "coming out of the bullpen we need big outs, so if you're letting guys put balls in play you're not really doing your job," said Delaite.

He finally joins the ranks of the Mainers making an impact on the mound with his success thus far this season, joining guys like Justin Courtney and Cody Lawyerson.

"It's really cool to have that relationship and to have the history with each other that when you see him pitch you know you've seen him for the past ten years," said Delaite.

Delaite and the Black Bears face UMass this weekend.

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