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As his career comes to a close, Justin Martin continues to battle achilles pain

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BANGOR - Basketball in hand, Husson men's basketball forward Justin Martin watches his team go hard at practice. 

It kills him to watch, but it would destroy him if it was a permanent stay on the shelf.


“I mean I make it through the games but daily struggle making it up and down the stairs isn’t fun,” Martin said.


Nagging achilles pain has hampered Martin during his career and it’s only gotten worse this year.


“He’s given everything he can keeping him together with duct tape and strings at times,” head coach Warren Caruso said.


Rest. Rehab. Play. Repeat. It’s the lifestyle Martin has had to adopt. 


"A lot of preparation I have to do a loft before the game. A lot of ibuprofen, icy hot.


The big man has had quite the career for the Eagles, he’s the program leader in blocks and has a chance to be a 1,000 point scorer and rebounder.


“When you play four years at the level that he’s had and play the minutes he’s had those numbers can add up especially when you have the skills and the talent that he does,” Caruso said.


Martin and the Eagles are in the mix for another NAC title, a goal that’s worth a little more agony. Brad Stevens put it best, "the pain is part of the path."


“If we definitely at least win the NAC this year that will be a great milestone to have and definitely what I’m looking forward to in pushing through all the pain that I deal with and just trying to get there,” Martin said.

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