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"The Human Microwave" leading the way for PVHS girls basketball

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HOWLAND - It's not everyday that you meet a basketball player with a nickname as bizarre as "The Human Microwave."

"I didn’t really play that much, I was an off the bench player. We were down and I came and I scored five 3-pointers right when I came onto the court," PVHS girls basketball guard Judy King said.


Since that game two years ago against Schenck, King has been known as "The Human Microwave."


"Its pretty fun and amusing I guess, it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes," King said.


The embarrassment kicks in once King’s family walks into the Howler's gym, not because they’re there to cheer Judy on. But because they of course a microwave with her nickname plastered over the door.


“I enjoy it because I know she’s having fun, when she’s in that zone I enjoy watching her do it,” Judy's brother Clayton said.


"She’s competitive anywhere - whether its on the court or at home playing board games," Judy's sister Meghan said.


"Its great because I love their support and they’re always there for me so its great," Judy said.


If you spend anytime around this PVHS squad you’ll learn that "The Human Microwave" isn’t the only nickname known around Howland.


"We’re on the drive over to scout a team and one of our players was like we’re basically "The Great Eight and Coach Nate" so we gotta make it our thing," head coach Nate Case said.

The Howlers team chemistry is off the charts and they are primed to make a run in the Class C playoffs.


“I think Nate has seen something in all eight of these girls and something’s working,” King's mother Kelly said.


“We always come to every game to come to play and its really special,” Judy said.


Case says the buy in from this bunch has been outstanding and it all starts once "The Human Microwave" starts cooking.


"You would never believe that she’s the person that they call "The Human Microwave, she’s just the most humblest kid in the world. It’s great for the community, great for PVHS, great for the girls to have that nickname. Have someone be an example that Judy has been," Case said.

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