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UFC London: Barao vs. McDonald

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Andy Ogle vs Josh Grispi

Round 3:

Grispi comes out landing some nice kicks but Ogle is stepping in and countering with some beautiful boxing. Lead left kick to the liver from Ogle and Grispi is hurt. Ogle chases him down and slams him to the ground, Grispi goes for a guillotine and can't finish it. He's in full guard and Ogle is content to work out of it. He's got Grispi's head against the cage and he's in the best spot you can be on top. Ogle is using some shoulder strikes to keep him right where he wants to be. I think right now Grispi just broke as he looks defeated on bottom. Ogle postures up with some nice strikes as Grispi looks to scramble out. Grispi is looking to roll for an armbar but Ogle sees it and passes to the side. Some nice knees to the body from Ogle. Grispi rolls to his stomach and Ogle with a leg ride and some right hands. Grispi back to his feet but Ogle just drags him back to the ground. Ogle is just dominating him as the round ends; Grispi has absolutely nothing for him and just wants to survive to the end. Which he does with Ogle in his guard.

Score: 10-8 Ogle, 29-27 Ogle

Official Result: Ogle wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Round 2:

Ogle comes out with the aggressor this round as Grispi is willing to stand and trade. A nice left hook from Ogle as this has turned into a kick boxing match early. Ogle with both hooks and Grispi tries to throw him, Ogle counters and he's got Grispi's back. Grispi slams him onto his back but Ogle transitions his legs into full back mount. Beautiful ground work from the Brit there. Ogle's got three minutes, deep hooks and is in the perfect spot against the cage to grab a submission. Ogle is trying for a body lock but Grispi uses his legs to stop him and prevent him from putting in the right hook again. Ogle is content to land some strikes and grabs full back mount again. Grispi tries to roll out and manages to get onto his back as Ogle grabs top position and half mount. Ogle is looking to move into side control and lands some nice elbows. Grispi tries to stand up and a nice guard pass from Ogle. Ogle grabs back as Grispi stands, his head near the mat as Ogle is going for a rear naked choke. Round ends as both fighter ride out the clock.

Score: Ogle 10-9, 19-19 even

Round 1:

Grispi coming out super aggressive to start the round and Ogle is willing to oblige. Grispi with a beautiful throw and we're in a wild ground scramble. Ogle is defending well as Grispi goes form a triangle to an omoplata and a back crucifix and then back to a triangle. Ogle slams him down but Grispi has him tighter because of it. Grispi is looking to grab a leg and roll him through it and Ogle is doing a great job stacking him against the cage. It's the only reason why Grispi hasn't tapped him yet. Ogle is landing some nice strikes from the top as his is free and teeing off on Grispi's head against the cage. Ogle is landing some beautiful strikes despite being trapped in that triangle. Ogle is making him pay for this deep submission attempt. He eventually loses it after going for a kimura and Ogle is on top in full guard. This is perfect positioning as he's right against the cage, landing enough strikes to keep him honest. Grispi is going for a kimura off his back but Ogle is defending it well. Against the cage some more and the round ends.

Score: Grispi 10-9

Tom Watson vs Stanislav Nedkov

Round 2:

Watson comes out gauging distance with leg kicks. Nedkov lands a big right and some big punishment. Nedkov with a double leg, Watson back up and Nedkov little brothers him back down with another double. Nedkov is getting mean with his ground and pound right now. Watson back up but Nedkov keeps him down as he's landing some big strikes on Watson right now. He's up a third time and back against the cage, back into the Thai clinch. Nedkov looks gassed right now as Watson is landing some big knees. Nedkov with a nice combination and then the takedown, Watson back up but Nedkov drags him back down.

What a fight so far!

Watson back to his feet one more time and he's looking for the clinch again. Nice knee standing up and back to the Thai clinch. Some nasty knees land and Nedkov goes back to the takedown. Watson defends and some more Thai clinch work. Short elbows and knees and Nedkov is taking a beating. He looks like he's about to go down as Watson is punishing him in that clinch. 30 seconds left and Watson is pouring it on with some body shots.

Official Result: Ref jumps in at 4:42 of the second round as Tom Watson wins via TKO.

Round 1:

Watson comes out throwing and Nedkov to the clinch and Watson presses him against the cage. Watson is landing some nice knees tot he midsection as Nedkov isn't doing all that much. He's landing short uppercuts and the occasional knee but Watson is pushing the pace. Watson is landing some nice short elbows with some nice strikes to the body. He's tearing him up out of the Thai clinch as Nedkov is taking a beating. Watson is working that really effectively as Nedkov seems baffled. Nedkov is trying to return fire but as soon as he does Watson grabs the clinch and is landing some big time knees and short elbows. Watson's striking looks crisp right now; this is the British prospect that people were excited to see in the cage. It's shocking that Nedkov hasn't tried to go all in with a takedown attempt. He seems to be happy in the clinch but Watson is just teeing off on him. Watson backs off and Nedkov gets a beautiful takedown out of a body lock and Nedkov is just teeing off on him. Watson is eating punishment and Nedkov ends the round teeing off on him.

Score: 10-10 ... Watson made him eat a lot of punishment but Nedkov nearly had him finished with strikes at the end of the round.

Vaughan Lee vs Motonobu Tezuka

Round 3:

MT comes out significantly slower than he did in the first two rounds. Goes for a pair of takedowns; first defended easily but gets Lee deep on the second and against the cage. Lee's takedown defense against the cage is stellar and he lands a couple knees to the body. MT backs out as Lee started peppering the body with some strikes. But back to the same as MT is deep on a single. Lee is landing some nice elbows as he defends it. Not a lot of action as MT drops the leg and works the clinch against the cage. Lee is significantly more active as he's landing more strikes. We get a break and back to the middle of the cage. MT looks gassed as Lee is moving significantly faster. MT gets the single against the cage yet again and Lee is defending. Lee is landing a lot of strikes and eventually MT backs out. Nice combination and MT dives in for the single, back against the cage with 30 seconds left. Round ends as MT keeps going for the takedown but can't finish it.

Score: Lee 10-9, 29-28 Lee

Official Result: Lee wins via unanimous decision (30-27. 30-27, 30-27)

Round 2:

MT comes out going for broke to get the takedown but Lee stops him and MT pulls guard off it. Lee into half guard and he's uncorking some damage. MT rolls for a knee bar and Lee defending well. Lee gets back up and MT double legs him right back down. MT works his ground game and Lee is showing some solid submission defense. He wall walks his way back up and he gets out with 70 seconds or so left in the round. Lee with some nice strikes and MT with another single, some more solid takedown defense from Lee. He rolls for that knee bar again but Lee stops him, back to our feet and against the cage as the round ends.

Score: Tezuka 10-9, 19-19 even

Round 1:

Not a lot of action to start as both guys are a little tentative. Neither go is throwing that much as MT Goes for the takedown out of the clinch and Lee lands some nice strikes in the clinch. He tries to get away but MT is on him tight. MT is looking to go for a slam but Lee is using good hand positioning to keep him from getting low. He keeps up by moving to a whizzer and MT moves back out. Lee with a nice combination and MT goes for the takedown, back against the cage. He's looking for a high crotch single and Lee is defending MT's pipe running well. MT is trying to drag the leg across his body while putting it between his legs and Lee is keeping to the outside and pressuring him. Lee is landing significantly while in the clinch as MT is willing to take punishment to get that takedown. Ref break and back to the takedown as Lee uses some great takedown defense to keep him off. Round ends against the cage as MT can't finish the takedown.

Score: Lee 10-9 ... but nearly a 10-10. Neither guy landed much and MT was more active but couldn't finish a takedown to save his life.

Phil Harris vs Ulysses Gomez

Round 3:

Harris comes out more aggressive again as Gomez is a bit tentative with his striking. Harris is looking to uncork something big and Gomez goes for the clinch and we're against the cage, Harris circle out and back to the center. Gomez isn't going as deep as he should on his takedown attempts; he's not committing fully and Harris is able to keep his hips underneath Gomez as he comes in. Very difficult to get the takedown that way. Gomez is also bleeding. Gomez is circling away from Harris as Harris is landing some nice combinations. Another flying knee goes nowhere; Gomez is looking to counter with some big and Harris is pressuring him just enough to keep him honest. Another leg kick gets caught as Harris has figured that part of Gomez's game out. Harris is landing some nice body shots right now as well. Gomez is looking to keep Harris' hands up and go for a takedown, glancing shot from Harris and Gomez stumbles down. Harris is content to stand and back to our feet. Harris pressures him for the final 30 seconds as Gomez doesn't do much to counter.

Score: Harris 10-9, 29-28 ... but could see this going the other way as well. We're looking at potentially a split decision, probably, depending on how you scored the first two rounds.

Official Result: Harris wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Round 2:

Harris comes out with more movement to start the round. Both guys have found range and here's where the adjustments begin. Gomez is landing some leg kicks to that lead leg but he's not going as deep into it. Harris is finding range and is making Gomez adjust; he's still not landing as much in volume like Gomez but he's connecting more. Gomez is starting to mix it up with combinations and Harris landing some nice jabs and mixing in some kicks of his own. Harris is moving forward and keeping Gomez from throwing those leg kicks; he catches one at two minutes and lands a nice combination out of it. Harris is starting to throw more overhands and hooks; Gomez with a nice double attempt but Harris stops it and lands a nice knee out of the clinch. The pace is starting to pick up a bit more as Gomez lands a nice flying knee with less than a minute to go, misses another about 10 seconds to go. Gomez throws another leg kick that gets caught and Harris makes him up across the cage for a moment as time expires.

Score: Harris 10-9, 19-19 even

Round 1:

Both guys come out a little tentative, Gomez working distance with some leg kicks. Gomez is using leg kicks and landing flush as Harris comes forward throwing. And he goes inside a bit too high and Harris just got hit in his tea & crumpets 90 seconds in and we're taking a short break. Gomez back to using that strategy of working distance, landing kicks until Harris catches one and takes Gomez down. Harris lands some strikes but doesn't want to get into a ground war, letting him stand back up. Harris is adjusting to the leg kicks by trying to catch them and step in, throwing right hands. Gomez is landing and now Harris is making him tentative at throwing those kicks. Harris is trying to work his boxing game but Gomez's footwork is superb right now; as soon as he starts to throw he's backing out and Harris isn't landing. Gomez goes for a single as the the round ends and a whizzer attempt by Harris winds up empty as Gomez finishes the takedown at the buzzer.

Score: Gomez 10-9

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