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Up Next: Daniel Ponce de Leon (44-4; 35 KOs) vs. Abner Mares (25-0-1; 13 KOs)

Leo Santa Cruz (23-0-1; 13 KOs) vs. Alexander Munoz (36-4; 28 KOs)

Round 1:

Cruz is the aggressor but both guys are throwing fast and furious. Lots of body work, too. Both guys are standing in front and throwing down. They circle the center for the round and just trade with one another; Crus is landing a bit more but this is a close round. Cruz is throwing a bit low, though, and has already been admonished for going below the belt. Could come into play later. Munoz with a flurry to end it.

Score: 10-9 Cruz ... but a very close round.

Round 2:

Back to the center as both are coming to throw down one more time. Munoz gets warned early and Cruz with a beautiful right hand. Cruz is teeing off and Munoz is giving as good as he's getting right now; Munoz's overhand right is landing as Cruz is hitting whatever Munoz is giving him. Another close round as it ends in a flurry, again.

Score: Cruz 10-9, 20-18

Round 3:

Back to the center and both are working the body again. Cruz is hitting low but not below the belt ... not yet anyways. The way he's throwing it looks like Munoz might be getting hit in his explosivitos sometime soon. Munoz is landing the better shots this round; both guys are content to stand trade in close but he's landing the bigger, showier punches. Cruz with some shots that drop Munoz with less than 30 seconds in the round. Wild flurry to end.

Score: 10-8 Cruz, 30-26 Cruz

Round 4:

Munoz is looking for that uppercut early and often but Cruz is defending it well. Munoz is trying to wade in but Cruz is starting to light him up right now. Munoz is taking some big shots right now; Cruz is really pouring it on right now. Cruz's body work is something else right now; Munoz is leaving his hands down and eating some head shots because he might be nursing some sore ribs right now. munoz gets lit up with 20 seconds left as Cruz looks great right now. Munoz is starting to fade.

Score: 10-9 Cruz, 40-35 Cruz

***In between rounds Munoz looks like he's about to quit this fight. His corner is discussing throwing in the towel right now; that's never a good sign.

Round 5:

Munoz comes back in and is starting to work the body. Cruz weathers the storm and is tagging him with some big shots. He gets dropped a minute in and the ref stops it. Munoz is wobbly right now.

Official Result: Léo Santa Cruz wins via TKO at 1:06 of the fifth round

J'Leon Love (15-0; 8 KOs) vs. Gabriel Rosado (21-6; 13 KOs)

Round 1:

Caution from both to start as neither fighter is throwing anything complex. Lots of jabs and feeling out here, nothing major landing. Both guys are planning for the long term. Love outlanded Rosado in effective shots.

Score: Love 10-9

Round 2:

Love is the aggressor this round, coming out with a bit more aggression this round. He's trying to get in close and Rosado does a good job keeping him away with movement. Love is on his heels but Rosado can't find a good range to throw; Love is landing some nice shots whenever Rosado gets him where he wants to against the ropes. Rosado lands some big rights at the end of the round as he gets in close. Might've stolen that round when all is said and done. I'll go...

Score: Love 10-9, 20-18 Love

Round 3:

Love opens the round using his jab and almost daring Rosado to rabbit punch him; Love goes to the clinch and Rosado lands some nice body shots. Love is moving backwards but landing some nice combinations as Rosado is moving forward but fighting defensively. Love's discipline in sticking to the game plan is admirable right now; Rosado wants to turn this into a wild brawl and he's avoiding the inclination to step into that world. Rosado lands a nice combination with 30 seconds to go; Love with a nice combo of his own with 10 seconds left.

Score: Rosado 10-9, Love 29-28

Round 4:

Love's more aggressive this round, leading with the jab and landing much more. He's landing it and is now starting to throw more power shots; Rosado is starting to open up as he's landing more off his jab but Love is defending well. This is a good back and forth between the two; both guys are starting to throw more as the feeling out is done. Rosado is starting to land more and is starting to win more of the exchanges.

Score: 10-9 Rosado, 38-38

Round 5:

Both guys come out throwing much more than they have. Love is looking to counter as Rosado is trying to get inside and work the body more. Love's really landing that jab right now; this is a close fight so far as both guys are fairly well matched. Love is trying to keep at range and is going to the body lock as soon as Rosado gets in too close; Rosado is obliging by throwing often as much as he can before the ref breaks them up. Rosado with some rights as he's slightly winning the exchanges right now; Love is looking for that counter but he can't quite hit it like he did in the first two rounds.

Score: 10-9 Rosado, 48-47 Rosado

Round 6:

Love comes out working the jab and Rosado is landing some nice hooks. Rosado is trying to get him into the ropes and Love is using his great movement to stay out. Rosado's stalking is working in that regard but Love gets away and lands some nice combinations. He's landing more and Rosado can't fire off when he gets Love into the corner. Rosado is leaving himself open when as he's throwing more lead rights and straight punches to get something started. Straight right from Rosado DROPS Love at the end of the round gets an eight count. He's up as the round ends.

Score: 10-9 Rosado, 58-56 Rosado

Round 7:

Love comes out firing to start the round; he's not just throwing out the jab and waiting. He's throwing combinations and being more aggressive with his counters. Rosado is starting to find range when he gets Love into the corner; he's landing more when he gets him against the ropes. He's starting to figure out the footwork of Love more effectively. He's landing some nice body shots as he gets him there, too. Rosado is starting to turn it on as Love is fading a little. Rosado is landing some nice power shots; he's more confident in his power right now.

Score: 10-9 Rosado, 68-65 Rosado

Round 8:

Love lands some combinations to start as he's becoming more aggressive. He's fighting like he knows he's down on the cards and is looking to even it up. They're both throwing some big shots right now; Love is starting to work the boyd more and Rosado is working the head more. Both guys also looked a bit more gassed right now, too, as this becoming much more of a brawl than a boxing match. Left hook late and Love is pouring it on late.

Score: 10-9 Love, 77-75 Rosado

Round 9:

Love is now the aggressor as he's pushing the pace; Rosado is throwing a lot of nice shots in retreat. It's interesting to see the roles change; Rosado is being stalked now as Love is looking to keep him against the ropes. Love is outlanding Rosado, who's going to the clinch as both guys are working the body Rosado with some nice rights and Love eats them. Rosado walks him down and is unloading as the round ends. He's found a second wind this round and lands some big shots. Close round to score but Rosado did just enough in the final minute, I think.

Score: Rosado 10-9, Rosado 87-84

Round 10:

Back to routine as Rosado is back to stalking and Love is on his bicycle again. Rosado lands some beautiful uppercuts as Love is taking too much punishment right now; anytime Rosado gets close he's stringing together combinations with more urgency than Love's jab can counter. Final minute and Love is more aggressive as Rosado eats some big shots. Rosado 10-9, Rosado 97-93

Incredibly close fight, can see it going either way. Lots of incredibly close rounds. Could see it going either way, potentially, and the knockdown could factor in and make this a draw as well.

Official Decision: 95-94 Rosado, 97-92 Love , 95-94 Love

Love wins via Split Decision

Fight Card

Floyd Mayweather (43-0; 26 KOs) vs.
Robert Guerrero (31-1-1; 18 KOs)

Daniel Ponce de Leon (44-4; 35 KOs) vs.
Abner Mares (25-0-1; 13 KOs)

Leo Santa Cruz (23-0-1; 13 KOs) vs.
Alexander Munoz (36-4; 28 KOs)

J'Leon Love (15-0; 8 KOs) vs.
Gabriel Rosado (21-6; 13 KOs)

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