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Lance could still face charges?

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The U.S. attorney for Southern California who dropped an inquiry into Lance Armstrong last year says the disgraced cyclist will not face criminal charges from U.S. prosecutors despite his public admission last month that he took performance-enhancing drugs.

But he might not have the last word in the matter.

"We made a decision on that case a little over a year ago. Obviously, we've been well aware of the statements that have been made by Mr. Armstrong in other media reports. That does not change my view at this time," André Birotte, a U.S. attorney based in Los Angeles, told Reuters on Tuesday.

Birotte also told the news service that the government will continue to look at the case.

And another government agency isn't giving up so easily, according to an ABC News report.

The report says a high-level government source, speaking anonymously, said "Birotte does not speak for the federal government as a whole."

"Agents are actively investigating Armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation," the source continued.

Speculation about Armstrong being charged by US prosecutors arose after the disgraced cyclist reversed his past denials about doping in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Armstrong admitted to Winfrey that he doped and used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career, which included seven Tour de France titles.

Legal experts said that with his admission, Armstrong exposed himself to possible charges of perjury or obstruction of justice.

Armstrong also faces a civil whistleblower lawsuit against former teammate Floyd Landis, who is accusing him of fraud. The U.S. Justice Department has not declared whether or not it will join the suit, and Birotte did not address the topic on Tuesday.

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