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First PVC indoor track and field meet takes place at UMaine

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ORONO - The indoor track and field season kicked off Saturday as local teams competed all day at the University of Maine across two sessions.

In the late session, Old Town senior Oliviah Damboise took home first place in the pole vault.


In the track events, Liang-Kang Lin won the boys 55 meter dash, Bangor's Nick Canarr came in second place.


In the high jump, Hermon's Zachary Beaton surprised everyone including himself as he took home first in the event.


"I was just kinda coming in going for a new 'PR' and I just happened to do well. I call myself mediocre, it's an event I like to do so it just makes things better," Beaton said.


While Beaton just missed his personal record, MDI senior shot putter Croix Albee didn't.


He took home first in Saturday evening's session and qualified for states.


Albee said he was satisfied with the results especially in the first meet of the season.


"Its really good I mean when you 'PR' it's like you said a monkey off your back you can just focus on getting better every practice every week. Just get that form, little things in the form so you can throw little bit further every time you step in the ring," Albee said.




Below are the full results from both sessions:


Meet 1A – girls winner Brewer, boys winner Brewer

Meet 1B – girls winner Bangor, boys winner Old Town.


Meet 1A: Boys

4x800 Meter Relay: 1, Hampden (Jason Mathies , Evan Allen , Trevor Allen , Parker Harriman ), 9:25.46.

55 Meter Hurdles: 1, Phillip Feeney, Brewer, 9.06.

55 Meter Dash: 1, Ben Cotton, John Bapst, 6.82.

1 Mile Run: 1, Grahme Sokoloski, Hampden, 4:48.08.

400 Meter Dash: 1, Ben Cotton, John Bapst, 53.92.

800 Meter Run: 1, Wyatt Lord, Hampden, 2:01.66.

200 Meter Dash: 1, Johann Gerling, Brewer, 24.07.

2 Mile Run: 1, Matt Shea, Ellsworth, 11:11.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1, Hampden (Robert Buzzini , Wade Brown , Conor O'Kendley , Wyatt Lord ), 1:40.78.

Shot Put: 1, Jacob McCluskey, Brewer, 51-07.50.

Long Jump: 1, Tony Manev, Orono, 19-11.

Triple Jump: 1, Joseph Astumian, Orono, 37-04.

High Jump: 1, Gavin McDonald, John Bapst, 5-06.

Pole Vault: 1, Brady Chadwick, John Bapst, 10-06.


Meet 1B: Boys

4x800 Meter Relay: 1, Bangor (Patrick Fraser , Dwight Knightly , Gavin Sychterz , Gordon Doore ), 9:27.57.

55 Meter Hurdles: 1, Dominic Graves, Old Town, 8.68.

55 Meter Dash: 1, Liang-Kang Lin, Old Town, 6.92.

1 Mile Run: 1, Braedon Stevens, Hermon, 4:55.33.

400 Meter Dash: 1, Landyn Francis, Bangor, 55.35.

800 Meter Run: 1, Liam Higgins, MDI, 2:09.20.

200 Meter Dash: 1, Zachary Beaton, Hermon, 25.07.

2 Mile Run: 1, Kyle Byram, Hermon, 11:16.85.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1, Old Town (Dominic Graves , Kyle Smith , Elijah Veilleux , Liang-Kang Lin ), 1:41.06.

Shot Put: 1, Croix Albee, MDI, 48-09.50.

Long Jump: 1, Liang-Kang Lin, Old Town, 20-04.50.

Triple Jump: 1, Danny Bunker, Bucksport, 39-10.50.

High Jump: 1, Zachary Beaton, Hermon, 5-10.

Pole Vault: 1, Peter Blackwell, Bangor, 10-06.


Meet 1A: Girls:

4x800 Meter Relay: 1, Orono (Iris Lee , Lucia Smitherman , Heather Van Dolman , Jenna Gaetjen ), 11:23.66.

55 Meter Hurdles: 1, Christie Woodside, Hampden, 9.60.

55 Meter Dash: 1, Katherine O'Brien, Orono, 7.85.

1 Mile Run: 1, Olivia Mosca, Brewer, 5:39.43.

400 Meter Dash: 1, Monique Savasuk, John Bapst, 1:07.32.

800 Meter Run: 1, Camille Kohtala, Orono, 2:31.60.

200 Meter Dash: 1, Ottilie McPhail, Central, 28.15.

2 Mile Run: 1, Olivia Mosca, Brewer, 12:23.91.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1, Orono (Camille Kohtala , Jenna Gaetjen , Maggie Coutts , Katherine O'Brien ), 1:59.78.

Shot Put: 1, Lillian Blakeman, Brewer, 30-03.50.

Long Jump: 1, Katherine O'Brien, Orono, 16-04.50.

Triple Jump: 1, Christie Woodside, Hampden, 32-11.75.

High Jump: 1, Sophie Inman, Brewer, 4-08. 1, Chloe March, Hampden, 4-08.

Pole Vault: 1, Marah Sharp, John Bapst, 7-00.


Meet 1B:

4x800 Meter Relay: 1, George Stevens (Eliza Broughton , Mary Brenna Catus , Zeya Lorio , Mary Richardson ), 10:53.51.

55 Meter Hurdles: 1, Mackenzie Lambert, Bangor, 9.85.

55 Meter Dash: 1, Ashley Anderson, MDI, 7.64.

1 Mile Run: 1, Mary Richardson, GSA, 5:51.22.

400 Meter Dash: 1, Ashley Anderson, MDI, 1:06.33.

800 Meter Run: 1, Eliza Broughton, GSA, 2:39.60.

200 Meter Dash: 1, Ashley Anderson, MDI, 27.09.

2 Mile Run: 1, Mary Richardson, GSA, 13:20.19.

4x200 Meter Relay: 1, Bangor (Madie Cormier , Amara Ifeji , Mackenzie Lambert , Mykayla Hoggard ), 1:55.37.

Shot Put: 1, Emma Hargreaves, Old Town, 31-00.25.

Long Jump: 1, Alyssa Elliot, Bangor, 16-03.50.

Triple Jump: 1, Oliviah Damboise, Old Town, 33-09.50.

High Jump: 1, Mackenzie Lambert, Bangor, 4-10.

Pole Vault: 1, Oliviah Damboise, Old Town, 9-00.













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