Repeat OUI Offenders Soon Held More Accountable

BANGOR - Repeat OUI offenders will soon be held more accountable for their acts. On August 1st, a new law goes into effect that will bring a much heavier penalty to those choosing to drink and drive.

TAMC Hospital Employees Support Troops

AROOSTOOK COUNTY - A team of employees from the Aroostook Medical Center is sending care packages overseas, hoping to inspire others. It all started with one worker's desire to pay tribute to her father this past Memorial Day.

Drowning in Anson

Game officials have recovered the body of a young man in Anson.

21 year old Jordan Cummings is the victim of an apparent swimming accident in the Kennebec River.

Game officials say he and a friend entered the river near route 201A around 7:40 Thursday night with plans to swim down river to a rope swing.

He started struggling and slipped beneath the surface.

Wardens say the friend tried to help him and may have even had some contact with him underwater, but he couldn't return Cummings to the surface.

He was found this morning in the area where he was last seen.

It's still unclear what caused cummings to start struggling in the water.

Island Angels to hold Fundraiser

STONINGTON -  Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows that insurance doesn't cover everything. It can be especially tough on people who live in rural areas, far away from the treatments they need to battle the disease. But fortunately for folks on Deer Isle, there's an organization that can help.

Great white sighting

There have been several reports of great white sharks in northern waters this summer.

Now, there's a confirmed sighting off the coast of Maine.

This video was captured Monday by people aboard a Canadian tour boat.

The shark swam by the boat as it traveled outside Saint Andrews harbor in Passamaquoddy Bay.

According to Canadian news reports, a local scientist confirms it was a great white about 15 feet long.

The good news is that sharks tend to swim several miles off the coast and rarely come close to shore.

There has never been a shark attack reported off the coast of Maine.


Update: Bangor Man Arrested After Crash Off Interstate, Manhunt

OLD TOWN - A search for a wanted man ends in the woods off the interstate in Old Town.
Police say 29 year-old Lucus Qualey is accused of stealing a Chevrolet Camaro from a Bangor residence on Milford Street. Police got the call around 3:45 Thursday afternoon.

Open Farm Preview Day

PITTSFIELD - This weekend Mainers can see the sights and sounds of farm life.

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