Plane lands on interstate

Some drivers on the Maine turnpike received an unexpected surprise Friday morning. A warden service pilot was forced to put his small plane down on the highway after running out of gas. The Maine turnpike authority reports the plane landed in Litchfield shortly before 9 a.m.  No one was hurt. After refueling, the plane took off and traffic returned to normal.

Katahdin Region Segment One

A spring getaway to the Katahdin Region has several advantages, from lower lodging rates to black fly-free hiking on Maine's tallest mountain. Tonight, we begin our special four part series with a trip to Millinocket, where the snow is only beginning to melt away.

The series will continue every Thursday from now until mid-May.

Cousins Barter Legos for Trip to Legoland

ELLSWORTH - You may have heard of bartering to get what you want. Two Trenton boys tried their hand at that, trading their Legos to get a trip to Legoland.  Our Erin Thomas has the story.

Anah Shrine Circus Celebrates 50th Year

BANGOR - Less than 24 hours until the Anah Shrine Circus kicks-off for the final time at the Bangor Auditorium. And as our Kristin Hosfelt reports, this year's show is a special one for several reasons.

Law Enforcement Officials Honored for Their Service

BANGOR - They're the people who run towards the danger when most of us run away from it. Law Enforcement Officials truly are local Heroes and today a few of them were recognized for their bravery and hard work by the United State's Attorney's Office for the District of Maine.

Teen suicide bill

The following is a copy of a press release issued today in Augusta.


Today the Maine Senate unanimously supported the enactment of a measure aimed at preventing suicide among youth in Maine.

LD 609, sponsored by Representative Paul Gilbert (D-Jay) requires suicide prevention awareness for all school personnel and advanced training that includes prevention education for some employees.

“Awareness and training will and does save lives,” said Senator Colleen Lachowicz (D-Waterville) who also works as a licensed social worker. “Too many of our communities have suffered the loss of suicide and it is too much for our communities to bear. Passing this measure is important to the families in our state.”

Suicide is the second leading cause of death of Mainers 24 and younger, according to the Maine Suicide Prevention Program, an initiative of several state agencies. Survey data from the state Center for Disease Control reveals that nearly 13 percent of high school seniors in Maine seriously considered suicide, more than 9 percent planned their suicide and almost 8 percent attempted suicide.

“During the public hearing, we heard from many courageous parents and siblings who came forth to tell their story. As lawmakers we owe to them and all Maine families to do everything we can to bring awareness and prevention to this issue,” said Senator Rebecca Millett (D-Cape Elizabeth). “I am proud of the work the legislature did on this issue. It was emotional. It was heartfelt and it is critically important.”

The measure will now go to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Stolen Vehicles and Foot Chase in Dexter

DEXTER - A man, who allegedly stole three vehicles, crashed one of them and attempted to break into multiple residences in Dexter on Thursday morning.

Auction For High School Parties Set For Friday

Millinocket - More than a hundred items will be up for auction Friday so high school kids will have safe parties when the school year winds down.  Stearns High School's Project Graduation is again raising money for what it calls chemical-free parites on prom night and grad night.  The items will be on display at the Stearns library center Friday at 5:30 p.m. and the auction begins at six.  Organizers hope to raise five-thousand dollars for safe, supervised, all-night events.

Measles Risk At UMaine

Orono - Students and faculty at the University of Maine need to watch for measles symptoms.  The Maine Center for Disease Control says an out-of-state visitor to UMaine last week had the highly contagious disease while on campus.  The CDC says.  Symptoms include coughing, runny nose and red watery eyes, followed by a red, blotchy rash that starts on the face and spreads to the rest of the body.  The CDC says anyone who was on the campus in Orono on April 16th should watch for symptoms through May 8th.
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