Anonymous Investor Pumps $3-Million Into MOOMilk

The organic milk producer Maine's Own Organic Milk, known as MOOMilk is three-million dollars healthier.  An anonymous investor put three-million dollars into the company this week, and the CEO says that should provide stable finances for the foreseeable future.  MOOMilk pumps out eleven-thousand gallons of milk each week from a dozen farms in the state.  CEO Bill Eldridge says the three-million-dollar investment puts the company on solid financial footing for the first time in the four years since it opened.

Bankrupt Business Knocks Out Phone, Internet For 2,300 Mainers

More than two-thousand Mainers lost phone and Internet service because their phone company didn't pay its bill.  Customers of USA Telephone found themselves cut off this week because the company stopped paying its service provider, Fairpoint Communications.  USA Telephone notified customers that it's going out of business and would stop providing service on June 14th.  Fairpoint says USA Telephone has quit paying for service.  Fairpoint will restore Mainers' phone and Internet connections, but they'll have to find new service providers by that June 14th date.   

Maine Lawmakers Won't Cut Pay Before Next Year

Augusta - Maine lawmakers won't be cutting their own pay, even if the government shuts down.  The Legislature's State and Local Government Committee on Wednesday voted to put off a bill that would have cut lawmakers' pay if they don't get a budget passed into law.  The 5-4 committee vote means the soonest anything will happen on the issue is next year's legislative session.  Maine's constitution requires a balanced budget to be enacted by June 30th every two years, or most government agencies must shut down.

Maine Home Sales, Prices Up

Maine home sales and home prices are going up.  The Maine Association of Realtors reports that home sales jumped nearly 14-percent in April.  And those homes are bringing higher prices.  The median selling price went up more than four-percent last month, to just under 175-thousand dollars.

AG Advises Consumers to Watch out for Timeshare and Travel Scams

AUGUSTA (From the Office of the Attorney General) - With Memorial Day approaching more Mainers may start to receive solicitations from bogus companies enticing them take a free or incredibly cheap vacation or for an exceptional opportunity to sell their existing timeshare.  Attorney General Mills asks consumers to be leery of any consumer deal that sounds too good to be true, because it probably is.

Searching Beneath the Surface

From the 3 Snowmobilers who went missing last year in Rangely Lake, to a fisherman who went missing in Long Pong just weeks ago, the Maine Warden Service spends endless hours trying to recover their bodies.

Class Skypes with Senator Angus King

BREWER - It's not every day that high schoolers have the chance to talk to members of Congress.  But thanks to the power of the web, one group had the opportunity to do so today.
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