'Gang of 11' Presents Tax Plan

AUGUSTA - A new tax proposal is making its way through Augusta,as a bipartisan effort of 11 law makers presented their plan today.

Special Olympics Athletes Gear Up for Games with Field Day

BREWER - Dozens of kids had the chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine today, as area schools got together up for the annual Friends of Field Day...gearing up for the Special Olympics. Our Erin Thomas has more.

It's Fiddlehead Season!

Old Town - Spring has sprung and so have fiddleheads! The small green plants are beginning to sprout....and as popular as they may be, there are some things you should know before harvesting and eating them.
First off, they don't always look like the little green curly-cues we're all so familiar with. Sometimes, when emerging from an older plant, the fiddleheads grow out of what looks like a dry pine cone.
Second, if you're heading out to pick the plants you should be aware of some new restrictions this year, as more and more private land is posted. Plus, new bills being discussed in Augusta call for explicit permission from private landowners before picking, and special attention to sustainability.
Keep sustainability alive by picking no more than half the fiddleheads you find in each emerging crown. And if you do get a hefty harvest off some private land....don't forget to be courteous. It never hurts offering some of your gatherings to the landowner.
Once you've got your pickings in tow, its time to eat! But think twice before you pop a raw fiddlehead in your mouth...it has to be fully cooked, or you'll suffer the consequences, including vomiting and diarrhea. To ensure you dont get sick, boil your fiddleheads for about 15 minutes, or steam them for 10-12.
But get to them quickly! Time is running out. Once a group of fiddleheads emerges from the ground, they could be gone in about a week.

Garage fire

A garage was destroyed during an early morning fire in Winterport. It was just before 5:30 when the owner awoke to the sound of popping sounds on the Souder station road. When he looked out the window he spotted flames shooting from his garage. Fire crews managed to snuff out the flames in about 15 minutes. Two vehicles and a snowmobile were destroyed in the fire. No one was injured and the fire marshal's office will try to find a cause of the fire.

Legal marijuana

Some Maine sheriffs are among those against the effort to legalize the use of marijuana in Maine. Four of them say pot is a so called "gateway drug" and they fear it will damage communities. Sagadahoc county sheriff Joel Merry says marijuana also has a negative effect on a developing brain. They join some healthcare providers who are taking a stand against the legalization being considered by lawmakers. One healthcare provider says marijuana costs the state $1.2 billion dollars annually for health care, social services and related costs.
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