Part One: Working Their Way Out

CHARLESTON - It's a tough life for Maine potato farmers, up around 5:00 in the morning, working all day, year round. But some of the hard workers you see out in the field they're actually loving the hours outdoors - outdoors meaning, outside of confinement. Karina Bolster traveled to Charleston Correctional Facility where a work release program allows inmates the opportunity to work outside of the grounds during their sentence.

Biologists Visit Bear Dens

STATEWIDE - The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has monitored bears since 1975. The goal is to collect an accurate count of the state's bear population.

National Drink Wine Day

NATIONAL NEWS - It's a day that may commonly get overlooked, but its certainly one worth looking into. February 18th is national drink wine day.

A Costly Winter

EASTERN MAINE- Towns and cities across the states are crunching numbers, after a winter that has proven to be rather costly.

Penobscot Theatre Camp

BANGOR - There's a multitude of ways chilldren can spend their February vacations. Some kids are spending time out of the house.  Other's are taking a different approach.

Killers request denied

Maine's highest court has rejected the request of a man who's serving time for a horrible crime.

49 year old Jeffrey Cookson was ordered to serve two life sentences for the murders of two people in Dexter in 1999.

Cookson was convicted of killing his former girlfriend, 20 year old Mindy Gould and 1 year old Treven Cunningham -- the toddler she was babysitting.

Cookson claims someone else pulled the trigger and wanted certain items of clothing to be tested for dna to help prove his innocence.

One of the big concerns is that the defense can't prove the clothing wasn't tampered with before it was turned over to authorities.

The Maine Supreme Court has rejected the request saying it doesn't meet the criteria established by Maine law.

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