Volunteers Needed for Alewife Monitoring Project

AUGUSTA - The Maine Department of Marine Resources is looking for volunteers to help monitor the state's alewife population. Several organizations are currently working to restore the state's watersheds and want to measure the impact of their efforts.

Bad Allergy Season Coming Up

BANGOR - This year's longer winter means a shorter spring here in Maine, and a ruthless allergy season in store for many folks.

First Graders Receive Free Books

BANGOR - Maine public school children are being taught the importance of reading, with over 14,000 first graders each receiving a new book.

Camp Capella Campers Give Back

DEDHAM - Participants and staff from Downeast Horizons, getting the grounds ready for Camp Capella, a summer camp for those living with disabilities.

Cutler unveils energy and environment plan

Gubernatorial candidate Elliot Cutler unveiled his energy plan today.

During a gathering in Bangor, the independent candidate said it's time for state government to make decisions based on evidence and not ideology.

Cutler says if he's elected he'll strengthen the Department of Environmental Protection so that it can do a better job of what it was intended to do.

He wants it to work closer with municipalities to help resolve environmental problems around the state.

Cutler says he also wants to reduce carbon emissions produced by vehicles and would double the states efforts to find renewable energy sources.

He also wants to create an energy finance authority which would provide money to those that want to provide energy at a lower cost for Maine residents.

Triple Homicide Trial Continues

BANGOR - Two fire investigators from the Fire Marshall's office and a forensic chemist, took the stand on Monday to discuss the evidence found in the aftermath of the car fire.  Justice William Anderson dismissed the jury,  around 1:50 P.M. to question Katelyn Lugdon, the sister of Nicolle Lugdon, ahead of tomorrow's testimony.

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