Maine Farm Days

CLINTON - One of the state's largest agricultural events was held today, inviting farmers and non-farmers to experience a part of Maine's heritage.

Appropriations Committee Votes Unanimously in Favor of Bond

AUGUSTA - Maine lawmakers took another step forward today toward getting a hefty state borrowing plan on the November ballot. The appropriations committee taking action on a series of critical bonds, and it appears Republicans and Democrats are on the same page. Erin Thomas reports.

Rabid Raccoon Kills Monmouth Pet

MONMOUTH - Police in Monmouth are issuing a warning tonight after a rabid raccoon broke into a home and killed a family pet.

Taylor Swift intruder

A man from Maine was charged with trespassing after visiting a Rhode Island beach house owned by singer Taylor Swift. Police say 55 year old Joseph Bernatche of Portland approached a guard and handed him a note telling Swift to call his cellphone number. It wasn't the first time he had gone to the home. In April, he Bernatche was warned that he would be charged with Trespassing if he returned. His lawyer argues that he wasn't actually standing on Swift's property when he passed the note and therefore isn't guilty of trespassing.

Honey harvest down

Maine's honey harvest could be the worst in years.

The heavy rain we had earlier this summer kept bees dormant in their hives.

That was followed by hot weather, which kept the flowers closed to conserve water.

According to the states bee inspector, the honey season is shaping up to be one of the ten worst in Maine history.

The hope is that the improved weather this month will improve the harvest in the fall.

Maine produced 91 million pounds of honey last year--worth about 70 million dollars.

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