Orrington Woman Robbed at Knife Point, Suspects at Large

ORRINGTON - A scary situation for one woman in Orrington last night now has police looking for two armed suspects. Men wearing ski masks broke into a home, robbing the owner at knife point. Our Erin Thomas reports.

Cross Center Officially Opens

BANGOR - The Cross Insurance Center officially opened it's doors today, marking new a beginning in Bangor.

Steve Abbott to Leave UMaine

ORONO - University of Maine athletic director Steve Abbott announced today that he'll be leaving his job in the coming months. Abbott says he plans to return to Senator Collins campaign, where he worked as her chief of staff for a number of years. Politics has long been an interest for Abbott, who ran for governor in 2010, losing to Governor Lepage. He also says that there were a number of challenges that made his job difficult and time consuming, and his hope is now he'll have more time to spend with his family in Portland. Abbott has led the UMaine athletic department for four years, and will continue on with the program for the time being while a nationwide search is conducted. The hope is a new athletic director will be named before he leaves the position.

Governor tackles suicide

The following is a press release issued today by Governor Paul Lepage:


Governor LePage Issues Suicide Awareness Prevention Policy with Executive Order

Maine Suicide Prevention Program honors Governor LePage with "Caring about Lives" award

AUGUSTA – In an effort to bring more awareness and resources to State employees, Governor Paul R. LePage signed an Executive Order Monday requiring departments of State government to issue a “Suicide Awareness and Prevention” policy. Collaborating with the National Association of Mental Illness Maine, the Governor’s Executive Order provides State government the responsibility to ensure the continued relevance of suicide awareness and prevention.

From 2007 to 2012, 1,169 people died by suicide, according to the Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics, an average of more than 194 deaths by suicide each year.

“Suicide is a major public health issue and has a devastating effect on Maine’s families, schools, faith-based organizations, businesses and communities,” said Governor LePage. “It is a preventable tragedy. We hope this policy will empower employees to take action to make a difference.”

The Governor’s Executive Order requires each State agency to implement through training a policy to educate and make employees aware of resources available should they become concerned about the suicide risk of a co-worker or experience suicidal tendencies themselves. It is hoped that other Maine employers will model the State’s suicide awareness and prevention policy currently being developed.

Additionally, Governor LePage supported the recent passage and implementation of LD 609, "An Act to Increase Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools," for the implementation of suicide prevention protocols.

Today, the Maine Suicide Prevention Program will honor the Governor for his dedication to suicide awareness and prevention efforts. First Lady Ann LePage will accept the “Caring about Lives” award, on his behalf. The event will be held today at 2:00 p.m at the Blaine House, Augusta. The Governor is in Canada meeting with business leaders and is unable to attend the event.

A similar Executive Order was signed in 2011 by Governor LePage with regard to “Domestic Violence and the Workplace” policy. State government is required to provide employee training delivered in partnership with the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence. The Administration also created a toolkit, which includes domestic violence facts, a sample policy for businesses and a video, to assist businesses of all sizes recognize and respond to domestic violence abusers in the workplace.

The signed Order regarding suicide prevention and workplace policies with departments of State government is http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=Gov_Executive_Orders&id=593920&v=article2011">here.

The Executive Order language is as follows:


WHEREAS, suicide takes a life in Maine every two days and is the fourth leading cause of death for adults ages 35-54; and

WHEREAS, in Maine, a person is seven times as likely to die by suicide as they are from homicide; and

WHEREAS, persons of working age have the highest rate of suicide and that rate continues to incline; and

WHEREAS, the impact of a suicide attempt or suicide can be devastating on those left behind and can have a strong negative impact on program and agency staff; and

WHEREAS, the State of Maine, as an employer, is committed to promoting the health and safety of its employees; and

WHEREAS, the State of Maine, as an employer, desires to ensure that employees have the education and awareness of resources to appropriately respond when concerned about the suicide risk of a co-worker and that those experiencing suicidal tendencies understand that seeking help is encouraged and expected;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Paul R. LePage, Governor of the State of Maine, hereby order as follows:

  1. Each State agency shall issue a “Suicide Awareness and  Prevention” policy (“Policy”).  The Policy shall be reviewed, updated,  and re-issued annually during the month of September, Suicide Prevention  Month.

  2. Each State agency shall implement the Policy via employee  training delivered in partnership with the National Association of  Mental Illness Maine.

  3. Each State agency shall post, in a conspicuous location, information about suicide prevention and available community resources.

The provisions of this Executive Order are not intended to alter any  existing collective bargaining agreements or to supersede applicable  laws.  Any costs to State agencies for implementing this Order shall be utilized with existing resources.

The effective date of the Executive Order is September 10, 2013.

Paul R. LePage, Governor



Home invasion

Police are searching for two men wanted for a home invasion in Orrington. They say two masked men broke into a woman's home early Monday evening and held her at knife point. After stealing some of her property the men took off and she wasn't injured. A short while later two masked were also spotted at the Kozy corner convenience store. Police suspect they might've been planning to rob that business before being scared off by some bystanders. The Penobscot county sheriff's department is holding a press conference today to discuss the matter. They're investigating whether the incidents might be related to other recent home invasions in the area.

Woman Falls Asleep Behind Wheel

BUCKSPORT - A driver is facing charges after police say she fell asleep at the wheel today, wrecking her vehicle with her 2 daughters on board, one of whom is an infant.

VIDEO:Transient in Court -- Charged with Manslaughter


BANGOR - It was over a year ago that a Bangor man was stabbed to death in a fight on first street.  Come this Monday,the transient charged with manslaughter was in court for the first day of his trial.

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