Hickox Says No Plans to Take Part in Voluntary Quarantine

FORT KENT - The Fort Kent nurse who returned from West Africa last week is now back in the Fort Kent area. Kaci Hickox stating she will not be abiding by the voluntary 21 day quarantine requested by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sen King pulls support from Cutler

Senator Angus King, who had endorsed Eliot Cutler weeks ago, announced he is withdrawing his support and urging Mainer's to vote for Michaud.

King says Cutler would make a good governor, but " i too am a realist. after many months of considering the issues and getting to know the candidates, it is clear that the voters of Maine are not prepared to elect Eliot in 2014".

He goes on to say, "the good news is that we still have a chance to elect a governor who will represent the majority of maine people: my friend and colleague, Mike Michaud. and today, i'd like to offer him my support".

Pharmacy robbery

Police are looking for a man who apparently held up the Rite aid store on Madison avenue in Skowhegan. They say a man passed a threatening note to a teller claiming he had a weapon. It's unclear if he got anything, but we know he fled on foot. At last report he was wearing a grey hat, jeans and a blue jacket. The robbery happened a short while ago.

Governor will seek legal action if nurse breaks quarantine

Governor Lepage announced today he'll seek legal authority to enforce a quarantine if Kaci Hickox refuses to abide by state orders. She's the nurse who made headlines this week after returning to the U.S. from South Africa where she helped care for Ebola patients. Hickox was supposed to be abiding by a voluntary quarantine upon her arrival in Maine. She spoke to "Good Morning America" this morning and said she's symptom free and will take the state to court if it tries to enforce the voluntary quarantine. Hickox is currently staying somewhere in Maine with her boyfriend and says she also plans to return to Africa to continue to treat patients. Governor Lepage issued a statement saying "While we certainly respect the rights of one individual, we must be vigilant in protecting 1.3 million Mainers, as well as anyone who visits our great state". 

Cutler standing firm

Eliot Cutler says he's in the race for the long haul. The independent gubernatorial candidate called a press conference this morning to answer to those calling for him to bow out of the race. Cutler has trailed in all the recent polls behind Governor Lepage and Congressman Mike Michaud. Michaud, the democrat, has been urging Cutler's supporters to join him because he says he's the only candidate who can defeat Lepage. During this mornings press conference, Cutler said "Indeed, the politics of fear and negative ads have returned with a vengeance beyond my imagining.

This 2014 campaign is locked in the grip of fear – fear that one of my opponents will be reelected,

or fear that the other will take his place. These fears have been fueled and amplified by more than

$10 million in attack ads and mailings, financed by special interest PACs that don’t give a damn

about Maine’s future, but care only whether the winner has a D or an R after their name.

I have talked about my vision for Maine’s future and my plans and strategies for rebuilding our

economy and creating jobs. I have stressed the importance of having a governor with the requisite

skills and experience, one who is unbought and unbossed, one who will owe no obligation to

anyone other than the people of Maine. And I have sought to instill courage in Maine voters and to

restore confidence in ourselves and our future.

I am confident and hopeful, but I am also a realist. While I have been gratified by the number of

voters who have switched their allegiances to me, particularly following the debates, and by the

passionate support of voters whom I have met in recent days from all over Maine, I must also

acknowledge the gripping fear that is driving many voters – including many who wish that I would

become governor – instead to back one of my opponents with a strategic vote against the other.

I truly believe in democracy and in the ultimate authority of voters to vote for whomever they

want for whatever reason, and I don’t think that

any voter – whether a supporter of mine or not –

now needs or ever has needed

my permission or my blessing to vote for one of my opponents.

Nonetheless, I do want to reiterate this morning the simple statement that I first made in

Yarmouth many months ago: Anyone who has supported me – but who now worries that I can not

win and is thereby compelled by their fears or their conscience to vote instead for Mr. LePage or

Mr. Michaud – should do so.

For those voters who have been seized with anxiety and who don’t want fear to become an

indelible hallmark of politics in Maine I have a single request: Regardless of whether you vote for

me or someone else, please join me in supporting the proposed citizens’ initiative on ranked choice

voting and sign a petition at the polls on November 4 to bring ranked choice voting to a vote of the

people in a referendum.

I long ago proposed that we reform our electoral process, and I directly proposed to my opponents

many months ago that Maine adopt it in time for this campaign. Whatever the outcome of this

race, the RCV initiative campaign will have my whole-hearted support. RCV will put the brakes on

negative campaigning and ensure that future governors lead and govern with the support of a

majority of Maine voters, without ignoring the will of those who may have supported other


As we enter the closing days of this campaign, I ask my supporters simply to vote their


Some will vote for Mike Michaud. Some will vote for Paul LePage. And some will stick with me.

I am not standing down, and neither should those voters whose consciences compel them to cast a

vote for me, for their hopes and not their fears, as they share my optimism for a rewarding

Election Day. I am proud and grateful to have their support.

These voters know that the voting booth is still a place to rebel against convention and to reclaim

independence, to defy political partisanship, to demand change, and to send a message that the old

ways aren't working.

These voters want and deserve a better and different choice in this election. They should be able

to vote for a candidate who is hostage to no ideology, left or right, or to any special interests.

These voters want the policies and ideas that we have advanced to be embraced by a wider circle

over time, and they want an independent political movement to gather strength and grow here

and beyond Maine’s borders.

So I say to Maine voters, if you want to support my idea to cut property taxes, reform revenue

sharing and invest in education with the knowledge of how we will pay for that investment, vote

for me.

If you want the two parties to stop fighting and to start solving Maine's problems, vote for me.


Reports Say Hickox Not Returning to Fort Kent

MAINE - Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention provided no comment on the case of the Fort Kent nurse who was released from isolation in New Jersey Monday. Recent reports claiming she is not heading back to the Fort Kent area at this time.

New Maine Ebola Protocols Enacted

BANGOR - Possible legal action to be taken on individuals who do not self quarantine themselves if they've been in direct contact with Ebola victims. Those just few of the new state protocols when it comes to travelers coming to the state of Maine from West Africa.

Man Holds Woman at Gunpoint in Brewer

BREWER -  The man in question holding the other person at gunpoint, was in fact, an officer in street clothes intervening in a violent confrontation between a man and a woman.

National Chocolate Day

BANGOR - Today, is National Chocolate Day, a chance to celebrate the food with the natural endorphins many of us crave.

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