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An Old Barn's Junk Could be Your Treasure


COOPERS MILLS - If you're tired of shopping at the same chain stores, and are looking for something a bit more unique...we may have found the shop for you.  Our Erin Thomas has the story.
If youre looking for it, Elmer's probably has it.  The idea for this shop originally spurred from Elmer Wilson's love for antique autos...but 38 years later, it's grown to be a bit more than that.
Now that Elmer has retired, his daughter has taken over...keeping the passion for the family business, alive.  Many still know it by the same name though: "Elmer's Barn of Junk and Dead Things...plenty of stuff...but dead things?
Ivana Wilson says there are a few taxidermy animals, one including a skunk.
But, wait, what about that one obscure item she recalls... Ivana does remember once seeing a coffin with a skeleton in it come through the shop!
With three floors chock full of odds and never know what you could stumble across.  And if you don't collect something now...Elmer's can change that.

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