Wednesday, 20 February 2013 22:48

Teachers Looking to Change Law on Restraining Students

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AUGUSTA - A recent law allows teachers to restrain a child if he or she presents an imminent threat to his or her self or others around them.
But its the word imminent that has many saying  it doesn't allow teachers to keep control in the classroom the way they would like too.
Some teachers around the state are asking lawmakers to give them more power in the classroom when it comes to restraining a child who they believe is acting out.
State Senator Tom Saviello has put forward a piece of legislation that would do just that.
Current law does say that a teacher may restrain a child if he or she presents imminent danger to his or herself or others,but some say the wording is just to vague.
Those who wished to speak on the matter attended a public hearing.  There is no specific time table when lawmakers might consider a bill.

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