Wednesday, 06 February 2013 22:01

Lack of Snow Hurting Maine Economy

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BANGOR - Motor sports stores and plowing companies are just some of the businesses that depend on the snow.
When it comes to companies that depend on winter weather, there's only so much business owners can do when the white stuff doesn't fall.


"You kind of have to take different measures in order to make sure you can survive the winter at this point" says Luke McCannell of Bangor Motor Sports.


So empty plow trucks sit in the parking lot. Keys out of the ignition, and doors slamming shut on business.


"Making the payroll every week, when the checks just aren't coming.  That's the worst part of it by far." Says Donnie Kennedy of Wilson's Lawn Service and Snowplowing.


So until the snow falls, snowmobiles remain in the store, plows remain parked, and business, at least for now, remains slow.

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