Friday, 01 February 2013 22:17

Calling All Beer Aficionados

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ORONO - One local restaurant owner is finding a new way to engage his customers in the selection of menu items. But choosing the menu, isn't the only perk.
Abe Furth is the co-owner of Woodman's Bar and Grill. The restaurant opened its doors 8 years ago. But now he's ready to expand, by creating a club...a beer club.
For a $30 lifetime membership, Woodman's Beer Society members will receive a t-shirt, and they'll be eligible for preview tasting's and VIP industry access, like tours and meeting with brewmasters.
But it doesn't stop there, members will get to decide what beers are on tap, at all times.
The beer society will hold their first tasting next month, with the theme of American beer from coast to coast.
If you'd like to join, you can visit their facebook page at Woodman's Bar & Grill.

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