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Some Mainers Deal with Power Outages in Stride

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Some Mainers Deal with Power Outages in Stride
Ellsworth - In a day and age where television, iPods, and video games are a primary source for entertainment, what's one to do when the power goes out? Well the Ellsworth Public Library on State Street was buzzing with laughter and the sound of voices reading books aloud.
It's where many families who found themselves without power today sought refuge from the dark.
"My oldest [child] couldn't go to preschool today, so we had some time to kill," says Elizabeth Young, a mother from Blue Hill. "We didn't need any electricity to read a book and the craft was all was time with was a good morning."
The Ellsworth Public Library will be open til 8:00 p.m. tonight in case you've lost power too, and have come down with a case of cabin fever.

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