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Freezing Temperatures Make Blazes Tough to Battle

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BANGOR - A slew of fires broke out across Eastern and Central Maine today,
and freezing temperatures made each blaze tough to battle.
Police received a call around 1 am this morning on a report of a structure fire on Court Street. One man was taken to the hospital after he reportedly jumped to safety. The home...a total loss.
"When we arrived on scene there was so much fire we immediately went to a defensive attack," said Assistant Chief, Anthony Riitano.
Fire crews working in nearly 25 below with the wind chill.
And hours later, another blaze on Route 1 in Sullivan, this one destroying the home of a family of three.
"It is absolutely devastating that they're having to go through this," Sadie Rodgers, the families neighbor said.
This fire, sparked by an attempt to thaw the homes frozen pipes. The temperatures causing equipment failure for the rescue crews.
However, the local school opened it's gym doors so that firefighters could escape from the elements.
All of the family members were out safely from that home and neighbors are planning a benefit to get the family back on their feet.
Maine State Fire Marshall's will be investigating the cause of the Bangor fire on Friday.

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