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Backyard Gardener: Fall Crops and Cover Crops


BANGOR - While it may seem that the gardening season is dwindling down, there are still things that can be planted.

Looking over your garden, it may seem like everything has come to fruition, but believe it or not, there are fall crops that you can still plant.


As space becomes available in your garden, don't hesitate to fill it with another edible.


When we harvested our garlic, it freed up a small section perfect for fall salad greens like spinach and arugula.


There will be a point every gardener reaches in the season where they won't want to plant anymore.


Which University of Maine Cooperative Extension specialist John Jemsion says becomes the prime time to amend the soil if you choose to do so, before putting your garden to bed for the winter.


John says planting cover crops is simply. rough up the soil, sow the seeds, and don't forget to water.

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