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Residents Quick Response Helps Isolate Fire

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Residents Quick Response Helps Isolate Fire

GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP - Fire officials say the smart decision to close off doors in a residence that caught fire helped isolate the blaze and aid in a quick knockdown.

Milford, Old Town and Bradley Fire Departments on the scene in Greenfield Township where a mobile home on Crocker Turn Road caught fire just before three Monday afternoon.


Officials say they arrived to smoke pouring out of the laundry room where the blaze originated from.


"When they realized that they did in fact have a fire, they shut the doors on the residence, backed out and called 911," Chief Chris Matson, of the Milford Fire Department, says. "It definitely slowed the fire down and allowed us to knock it down."


Officials say the cause is likely from the dryer or some sort of electrical issue.


There was extensive damage to the exterior wall of the laundry room along with the room itself.


No one was injured.