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Orono Police Respond to Bomb Threat

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Orono Police Respond to Bomb Threat
ORONO - A typical Friday turned frightening for an Orono call center early this morning, when it received a mass email threat.
Around 9:30 this morning the Nexxlinx building on Godfrey Drive evacuated all of its employees after receiving an email threatening a bomb.
"I was looking on my agent email," said Tamika Rollins, an employee at Nexxlinx, "An email popped up saying that somebody had left a small explosive device that would blow up at 10 am, and asked if we could find it before then."
The building was evacuated for 2 hours while Orono police and bomb-sniffing dogs searched the building.
"They went and searched the building and luckily there wasn't anything in there," said John Oakes, an employee who was finishing his company training today.
Murray Trepel the site director for Nexxlinx said they take all threats seriously.
"It's important to look after our employees as best we possibly can, and so we followed our normal evacuation process and looked after them."
Police are continuing their investigation, and no arrests have been made.

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