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Backyard Gardener: Combating Weeds


BANGOR - You may have noticed at this point, there's something growing in your garden much faster than your crops. Weeds can quickly get out of hand if you don't stay ahead of them. In the latest backyard gardener, we show you a few techniques to save your back, and your time.

This week we're combating a problem every gardener faces. University of Maine Cooperative Extension Specialist John Jemison pointed out some of the common weeds you may be seeing.


Likely intruders may be Pig Weed, Purse Lane, which is edible, and perhaps the peskiest: Quack Grass.


John says the best way to remove it is to go in with a shovel and get all of the roots, then dispose of the plant in the trash or woods.


Thankfully, tackling other weeds isn't as difficult, and simple hand tools can make for lighter work.


John says his favorite tool is the hoop hoe which prevents him from having to bend over in the garden but still gets in between smaller plants.


The best thing a gardener can do is stay ahead of the game, and not let the weeds go to seed.

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