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Women's Recovery Home Opens in Bangor

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BANGOR - City Reach Bangor is yet again making a difference in people's lives, this time for women as an open house was held to introduce the newest recovery home in the area.

A recovery home solely for women, that's what City Reach Bangor has created in it's latest venture to make a difference in the lives of many.


"We wanted to give women coming off the streets a place to feel cozy, and feel like a home," Bobby Bledsoe, Pastor at City Reach Bangor, says. "We spared no expense trying to make it this way because we know that's part of a woman's DNA, to feel safe."


It's a nine month ministry program for these women, completely faith based, with the hope of finding forgiveness and love in themselves.


"We want to see women come and we want them to be rescued from lifestyles that bring harm to them," Heidi, the house director, says. "We want them to find hope, peace, and joy that they won't find on the streets."


"There's such a need for that," Brian Bolt, President and Lead Pastor of the City Reach Network, says. "There's a lot of things for men, but there's a real need for women recovery homes all through our country, and especially the northeast."


Bolt experiencing some troubling years growing up eventually turning to a recovery home himself.


"I had two men come right up to me and tell me God had a plan for me in my life," Bolt explains. "They pulled me off the street and put me in a recovery home, and right there I had a vision I could start these."


"We plant seeds," Heidi says. "Even if they come for a day, or two days, or a week, everything we do plants a seed in their heart."


A seed that won't ever be forgotten, but taken with them as they walk down the stairs and through the door with a new sense of hope in their lives.


City Reach Bangor is holding a lobster benefit dinner in two weeks, August 1, to help raise money for the work that goes into these programs in the area.


Tickets are $40 for the lobster dinner, $35 for the pulled pork dinner and will be held at The Rock Church in Bangor at 6:30.

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