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Seven Maine Soldiers Killed In Action Remembered

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MONSON - Seven Maine fallen soldiers are being remembered over the next week.  

Seven rocks, inscribed with the name and rank of the service men, will be taken to the top of Mt. Katahden.


They were all killed in action over the last 10 years.


Friday, a convoy of former veterans, families, and bikers transported the stones to Monson, before they make the journey.
“I've never given, never been in the military, have no direct ties, but it's my way of giving back, it's something I want to do to give back, and we're raising money for veterans and their families, and I think it's a worthy and just cause,"  said Chris Robinson, Co-Founder of Wilderness Walk for Warriors.


The idea came to Robinson in the middle of a hike last fall.


He wanted to give back to his country, so he teamed up with The Summit Project and that turned into the Wilderness Walk for Warriors. 


“Each person has to go on the Summit Project site and pick a stone that he relates to and makes a personal connection with,"  said Robinson.


Those seven rocks were brought from Bangor to the start of the Appalachian Trail and given to each of the seven men that will be carrying them to the summit of Mt. Katahdin.


“Jeff Hutchins, if you're out there, I'm carrying your sons stone, and thank you, thank you so much, for putting your sons stone down in Portland, I really appreciate that and it's an honor to carry your son's stone,"  said Tim Robinson, Co-Founder of Wilderness Walk for Warriors.


“All the names on the stones, or most of the names on the stones they're carrying up to Katahdin, we have attended those funerals for those KIA, so we're just here to extend that, and pay honor and respect to those fallen heroes and their families,"  said Michael Edgecomb, Captain of the Maine Patriot Guard Riders.


The trek is underway for the seven men from Wilderness Walk for Warriors begins with the Memorial Stones in tow.


They expect to reach the top next Sunday.

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