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KahBang Festival Heading to Portland Three Weeks Out

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BANGOR - News coming as a shock to many Thursday, as organizers of KahBang announce the 2014 festival will head two hours south to Portland.

Disappointed and shocked, just a few of the words used in responding to the news of the KahBang Festival venue change.


"It's bittersweet for us," Joshua Gass, festival director, says. "Bangor is our home, we live here, we started this event five years ago here. We were the first ticketed event on the Bangor Waterfront, but a lot has changed over the last few years."


Organizers commenting on the difficulties of staging the festival without knowing exactly how many festival goers would turn out.


"You need to have the appropriate infrastructure in order to host them correctly," Gass explains. "We had some things happen over the course of the year that made us question whether or not we could bring our vision of the festival forward this year."


"It's going to be a big loss for the community, for sure," Bunny Gibson, of Bangor, says.


"Bangor has become and entertainment center for the part of the state, and to lose them is a big loss," Sue McKay, of Bangor, adds.


The downtown streets normally packed for concerts and various activities a part of the festival, but as of August 7 that won't be the case.


"It was a decision for one piece of all the different activities [we have]," Gass says. "Most people are familiar with this festival, it's one they recognize."


"It's a big thing in Bangor. It's one of the biggest hits we have," Katie Newbury, of Bangor, says. 


"Kids our age go to KahBang," Samantha Newbury, Katie's sister also of Bangor, adds. "I have hundreds of friends who were going to go."


Those ticket-holders now have to travel two hours south to experience the 2014 festival.


"I had read something a while back about Portland wanting to do something like this, but I never thought they would take KahBang from Bangor," Gibson says.


All tickets purchased thus far will be honored in Portland.


Meanwhile the BrewFest originally scheduled has been canceled.


ABC 7 and FOX 22 were unable to speak with city officials today about its stance on the change, but a meeting has been set for Friday between the City Manager and City Solicitor to discuss the contract between the festival and the city.

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