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New Pepper Developed That's Less Pungent

ORONO - For those who aren't huge fans of spicy peppers, researchers at the University of Maine have developed one less potent.

This new fruit was developed with a high Capsinoid content to make it less spicy while maintaining all the natural health benefits.


It's been a collaborative seven year process between researchers at the University of Maine and a USDA researcher in Athens, Georgia.


The pepper itself, hoping to bring more benefits to healthy living.


"More or less it's and opportunity to have a pepper that contains compounds that can be used in cooking, that aren't just extracted," Brian Perkins, Ph.D., an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Maine, says. "This way they can use this pepper as a healthy fruit or vegetable."


This pepper is also being studied for its use in pharmaceuticals as it has anti-carcinogenic qualities.

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