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Backyard Gardener: Maine Harvest for Hunger

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ORONO - If you've got a green thumb, but always have more vegetables coming out of your garden than you know what to do with, we have a remedy.

If you're garden is looking at all like this, it might be time to harvest a few things.
Some of you may be overwhelmed with produce,  but there is a solution.

That's where Maine Harvest for Hunger comes in. Started about 15 years ago, it's a program designed to help feed community members in need.

This week they'll harvest Master Gardener Volunteers at the Orono Community Garden will harvest micro greens, providing for 50 to 60 Orono senior citizens.

Since it got it's start, the Maine Harvest for Hunger program has given more than 1.6 million pounds of food.

Those who have an overabundance in their gardens or just wish to help out are encouraged to contact the Cooperative Extension learn more.

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