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Backyard Gardener: Heating Things Up, Planting Beans

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BANGOR - Many of you are busy planting your gardens and anxious to grow your crops.

This week, University of Maine Cooperative Extension specialist John Jemison taught us that warmer soil can mean happier and healthier plants.

Crops like tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, and cucumbers can benefit from the ground cover.

Laying out a roll of black plastic not only heats up the ground but it also minimizes the number of weeds.

We won't plant in the black plastic until next week. But John says now is the perfect time to sow seeds for beans.

Determine how many days to maturity listed on the seed packet, and stagger your plantings.

Seeds should be sowed to a depth three times their size, spacing them 2" apart. Cover them lightly with soil, pat down the surface, and water soon after planting.

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