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Backyard Gardener: Crop Rotation, Planting Carrots and Onions


BANGOR - With rain expected for much of the week, we took advantage of the sunny days and got planting.

Now that we're finally past the point of a potential overnight frost, we decided to plant a few early season crops in the garden.

This week we worked around the weather, tilling in compost, and learning about crop rotation.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Specialist John Jemison says rotating plots each year, is key to minimizing the number of pests, weeds, and diseases.

Since our garlic is growing strong, we designated that section for root crops. We planted onion seedlings on one side, keeping in mind spacing.

On the other side, John showed us how to prepare a bed for the carrots, digging deep with a pitch fork, and breaking up top soil to allow the seeds to germinate.

He says mixing the seeds with sand can make planting easier.

Following planting, John says maintaining moisture in the soil is key. Water thoroughly to help the seeds germinate.

Next week, we will plant leaf crops and fruit crops.

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