Tuesday, 20 May 2014 15:26

Social Media Sabotage: Online Content Affecting Job Opportunities

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MAINE - Let's face it, its tough to get a job. There are more applicants, less openings, and the competition is fierce. Now, many employers are scoping out your private life to determine if you have a professional future. Kristin Hosfelt takes a look in this special report.


98% of 18 -24 year olds use some type of social media. And about 16% of people in that same age group are looking for work. Ed Upham says about 80% of employers are now posting job openings on social media.


So while the opportunity to score a job online is now high, the chance of blowing one based on the content you post, even higher.


Nory Jones, a professor of management and information at the University of Maine says  more than a third of employers are finding reasons not to hire candidates based on their social media presence. The top two reasons to get tossed? Provocative or inapproproate photos, and information about drinking or using drugs.


And employers say depending on the job you want, you may need to use even more discretion.


And a poor online presence, could turn a rich opportunity in to a penniless dream.

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