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Nicholas Sexton Takes the Stand

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BANGOR - Nicholas Sexton spent his testimony painting a picture where Randall Daluz called the shots and took control of the situation.

"I think he gave an accurate sequence of events that made sense from the evidence and I don't think this ended up as it started out as," says Sexton's attorney Jeffrey Toothaker.


He claims he was driving the car when Daluz and Daniel Borders had an altercation. That's when he says Daluz started to hit Borders in the head with a gun, accidentally shooting and killing him.


He went on to say Lucas Toscano was shot when he spoke up to Daluz, and Nicolle Lugdon was shot some time later after Daluz forced her to eat pills.


But there were some inconsistencies. the prosecution and Daluz's lawyer questioning why Sexton would place more than a dozen calls to Daluz the following day - a man he said he was scared of.


Sexton also claimed he filled the vehicle with diesel - something that isn't scientifically possible.


"His testimony was inconsistant with itself, was insconsitant with the way the forensics were establised and were inconsistant with what one would expect from the perspection of reality," explains Jeffrey Silverstein, Daluz's lawyer.


It's unclear if Daluz will  take the stand. If he doesn't, lawyers are optimistic this case will be put in the jury's hands sometime on Tuesday.

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