Thursday, 01 May 2014 22:27

Legislature Reviews Dozens of Vetoed Bills

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AUGUSTA - The Legislature returned to Augusta today, for Veto Day, an opportunity for lawmakers to reconsider dozens of bills vetoed by Governor LePage over the past several days.

48 bills originally shot down by Governor Paul LePage were up for consideration before both the Senate and House of Representatives today.

Democrats say LePage's lack of involvement in the legislative process is to blame for the number of vetoes.

182 bills were declined. Some sustained after voting, Thursday, and others passing with the override. Among those, LD 1858, a supplemental bill to close a more than $30-million revenue gap in the current biennial budget

Others overriding the veto were LD 440, an act to support dentists practicing in rural areas through tax credits, as well as LD 1729, which aims to strengthen penalties against OUI offenders.

Those sustained include LD 222, the bill created to move toward having Maine State Police issue concealed weapons permits, and LD 297, which aimed to arm Forest Rangers.

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