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Great Cloth Diaper Change Set for Saturday

BANGOR - A Guinness World Record will be challenged this weekend here in Maine and around the world as men and women put their diaper changing skills to the test.

It's not any ordinary diaper though, the "Great Cloth Diaper Change" focuses on just that, cloth diapers.


The challenge is often tied around Earth Day, in an effort to raise awareness about the growing environmental issues.


"Because of the volumes of waste that enter our landfills from disposable diapers, it's a great concern," Betsey Lundy, co-owner of Central Street Farmhouse, says. "Diapers are actually the third biggest item deposited in landfills - disposable diapers."


Participants will have 60 seconds to change their babies cloth diaper.


Last year over 8,000 babies were changed.


The Bangor Public Library and Clean Bee Laundry in Camden are the locations in Maine for the event.


Changing time starts at 11:00 a.m.

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