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Democratic Campaign Headquarters Opens in Bangor

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Democratic Campaign Headquarters Opens in Bangor

BANGOR - In a reminder the election season is upon us, the Democrats have opened their Bangor campaign headquarters.

The downtown location hosted a party to kick off the start of races for many candidates around the area.

With just 199 days to go until Election Day, Democrats Mike Michaud, who is running for governor, and Shenna Bellows, who's running for senate, will be canvasing the area to attract voters.

This is the earliest the party has opened offices across the state for election season.

“We had people who wanted to do work, who wanted to come and volunteer and especially in this area, it's Mike's backyard, that we needed to have a place to have all our activists working out of,” says Executive Director of the Maine Democratic Party, Mary-Erin Casale.

The Maine Democratic Party hopes to have offices opened in all 16 counties by the start of summer.

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