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Eliot Cutler Talks Tax Plan

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AUGUSTA - Eliot Cutler says he has a plan to reduce property taxes by between 20 and 40 percent.

"We've gone so far in the wrong direction, putting so much of the tax burden on the wrong people in Maine that we've got to do something to relieve it," says Cutler.


Cutler's $185 million plan is made of two options. One includes a seasonal tax rate of 7% and a permanent 8% tax on meals and lodging.


But not everyone is as convinced as Cutler is about the plan, and now representatives from both of his gubernatorial components are speaking out.


"Let's make one thing clear: there is only one candidate who cut property taxes multiple times as a Mayor, instituted the largest tax cut in Maine history which eliminated income taxes for the working poor and helped small business, and who has announced his goal of eliminating the state income tax altogether; and that is Governor Paul LePage," says Brent Littlefield, the strategic advisor for the LePage campaign.


"Just like Gov. LePage and his fiscally irresponsible tax breaks for millionaires, Eliot Cutler’s plan picks winners and losers, and he risks leaving municipalities on the hook for the bill. The best way to reduce property taxes is for the state to meet it’s existing obligations to towns and cities by funding municipal revenue sharing and the state’s share of k-12 education," adds Lizzy Reinholt, the spokeswoman for Mike Michaud.


Cutler says he welcomes his competition to debate the plan with him.

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