Wednesday, 16 April 2014 20:08

River Creates Sink Hole

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DEXTER - As the snow and ice continue to melt, Maine's rivers are growing more powerful. And with this, causing flooding across much of the state. It was a scary scene in Dexter this morning, where the Sebasticook River created a sink hole in the middle of town.

Loud, and powerful. The Sebasticook Rriver roared through Dexter Wednesday, ripping out a section of road, leaving nothing but a sink hole.

Multiple streets along the river were shut down, as residents swarmed town worrying what could crumble next.

Now looming over the river's edge, the Dexter Historical Society, held up on only a few stilts. As several other residences face imminent water damage.

Those at risk are urged to evacuate their homes. The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church is offering shelter for all in need.

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