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Amended Definitions for Restaurants and Bars Gets Approval

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Amended Definitions for Restaurants and Bars Gets Approval

BANGOR - The Bangor City Council met Monday night with a number of amended ordinances up for discussion. One surrounding the definitions of what constitutes a restaurant, bar, tavern or lounge in the city.

Currently the city's definition differs from that of state liquor laws.


The night's meeting proposed the adoption to the city ordinance to help reduce the potential for confusion.


"The description of one was covering the other," Councilor Nelson Durgin, says. "This could have been in violations of the ordinance. We've maintained a very judicious way of maintaining everything so that people are staying open. This ordinance will clarify what the differences between a restaurant, bar, tavern, and lounge should be."


Also, an ordinance to prohibit the operation of non-conforming quarries in a residential area was approved.


The issue came about from residents concerned about the impacts of the operation. The result of conversations surprising some councilors.


"It was vetted on both sides," Councilor James Gallant, says. "We pretty much walked the middle of the lines with two groups on each side and when they met in the middle both sides were really happy with the outcome. It's fantastic."


On another note, numerous committees are set to meet this week.


Tuesday the infrastructure committee will discuss the plans for the Cross Insurance Center traffic pattern from a public hearing held weeks ago, and the first meeting of the 2015 fiscal year budget will be held on Wednesday.

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