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Wynter's Strong Battle with Cancer

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BANGOR - The Brewer community is banding together to raise money for a six year old girl who is battling a rare form of cancer. Despite the endless days at Eastern Maine Medical Center, the Przybylski family remains optimistic and filled with hope as their daughter battles this disease.

The strength and bravery that some of the Disney princesses embody can't compare to that of Wynter Przybylski, a little girl who is battling a rare form of leukemia.


"Her white blood cell counts were so high and critical that she needed to be LifeFlighted to Portland," Lisa Przybylski, Wynter's mother, says.


In February Lisa and Dustin, her parents, noticed she wasn't acting right.


Doctors said Wynter was simply constipated, but it was one day at school that Lisa and Dustin realized it wasn't that simple.


"I just remember her saying 'daddy I can't walk. I can't make it'," Dustin recounts.


After surgery to remove a tumor on her spine, and the loss of use in her legs, Wynter and her family are not giving up hope, but taking everything day by day.


"She's been the strongest member in our family," Dustin explains. "I wrote a poem about her and put it on Facebook saying that she's my hero. The fact that she gets up every morning, takes the drugs that she doesn't even like, but takes them with a smile on her face."


A smile, laugh, and personality so contagious it's easy to understand why a community would want to help.


"I don't know how words can express how thankful we are for what they've done for us," Dustin says. "There are so many challenges, so many things that she has to overcome, and so much she is still facing before we can say we're in the clear and settle down."


Wynter requires daily physical therapy, which is not a favorite of hers, but her parents are standing by their little princess the whole way.


There is a Zumbathon planned for Wynter and her family.


It's going to be held Friday, May 9 at the Brewer Auditorium on Wilson Street. The fun is happening from 6:00-8:00 with three amazing, local Zumba instructors. Organizers are suggesting a $10 donation at the door.


Also, on April 14 the Dairy Queen in Brewer is donating 25% of all sales to a fund set up in her name at Brewer Federal Credit Union. There's also a bottle drive set up for Wynter in front of the Brewer Redemption Center and Brewer Parks and Rec.

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