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Senator Collins Talks About Scams

Senator Susan Collins, who was named the top republican on the senate special committee on aging today, met with seniors in Bangor this morning, to warn them about a phone scam that could trick them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The fraud is conducted by con artists in Jamaica.  Seniors are called and told they've won a contest or a large prize, and need to wire money in order to recieve it.
They are then harassed, with up to 100 phone calls a day from various individuals who work to forge a close personal relationship with them.
And sometimes, the seniors even fall victim to identity theft, thanks to the con artists overseas.  And as people who have been affected by the scam have seen, it can ruin lives, affecting both financial security, and health.  To keep yourself safe from this scam, never enter a number coming from an 876 area code.

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