Thursday, 27 March 2014 03:36

Downeast Gets Slammed With Spring Storm

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ELLSWORTH - Across the state of Maine, it really came down to where you live. Things in the greater Bangor area, cold and windy, but nothing compared to what's going on Downeast. In particular Hancock and Washington counties.

Blizzard like conditions all across the area.


Andrew Sankey, the director of the Hancock County Maine Emergency Management Agency had his full crew on Wednesday dealing with yet another storm.


"We've had plenty of practice all winter long for sure," Sankey says. "Like always, safety is foremost, and so the message we want to get out is avoid travel, if at all possible. If you must travel, give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination."


While the wind whipped across the coast as well as local golf courses, I wouldn't plan on getting a round of 18 in anytime soon.


"Fortunately high tide moon was last week so the high tides aren't going to be as severe as they could be. We don't have that perfect storm type of scenario, with a full moon tide, full storm tide, storm surge and the wind blowing in every direction which is really worst case scenarios."


Ellsworth native Anthony Wyman, is keeping his sense of humor regarding the storm saying, " I am absolutely loving it, this is exactly what we want. Haha, not at all. This is the worst I was expecting. I'm actually headed to Las Vegas at the end of the month."

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