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Bangor Ballet to Perform a Double-Billed Show


BANGOR - Dancers part of Bangor Ballet were busy Sunday fine tuning their steps to a huge performance they'll dance on Sunday, March 23.

Leaps, twirls, you name it., and it's all in there. Steps dancers from Bangor Ballet have been perfecting months now in preparation for their first of two performances that start this Sunday.


But not only are there two days for show, it's also a double billed performance.


"Titania's Dream was actually born from a collaboration with the Penobscot Theatre," Christine Mihan, Board President of Bangor Ballet, says. "It's based on Midsummer Night's Dream, and is a fun, family-friendly piece, with lots of fantastic costumes."


Following that comes Paquita, an extremely technically demanding piece, requiring enormous precision and endurance from these dancers.


"It's done by ballet companies world-wide," Mihan explains. "The fact that we have enough talented dancers here, in the state of Maine, for Bangor Ballet to be able to tackle this piece is really exciting."


"You just have to be really focused and stay really mindful of what you're doing the entire time," Sasha Rydlizky, a soloist, says.


"It's pretty incredible because this is the first time we've been able to dance at the same tempo as really good Russian dancers," Maya Nasbitt, another soloist, adds.


But not only have these pieces required numerous hours spent in the studio, they've also required an enormous amount of time spent behind the scenes.


"It takes not only the dancers, but a huge group of supporters behind those dancers to put the performance together," Mihan says.


"I'm so grateful for all the adult women who have been here working for so many hours to make our costumes," Julia Fasse, a dancer who plays the lead role in Paquita, says. "I just look at the craftsmanship, and it's just amazing. I mean, putting them on you feel so special, and then of course, when you get onstage you just feel like a million bucks because you know you look great."


Despite the challenge in both pieces, the combined effort gone into them is what dancers and those behind the scenes hope to amaze the audience with.


The first performance will be held at the Gracie Theatre on the Husson University campus Sunday, March 23 at 3:00.


On Sunday, March 30, the double bill will be performed at Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft at 4:00 p.m.

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